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Our Mission


Provide homes and businesses with environmentally responsible and economical heating, cooling, refrigeration and hot water  solutions.

Further, our Vision is to become the customer’s preferred choice for the lowest carbon-footprint HVAC-R products while being a great place to work.


About ThermoLift

2012 - A Unique Idea
Professor Hofbauer and Paul Schwartz set out to revolutionize the HVAC industry and open the first office in Stony Brook, NY.
2013 - Proof of Concept
ThermoLift announces the successful completion of the first test of its prototype TCC-1 system, a major boost to the cleantech industry.
2017 - Product Design
Prototype TCC-3 made significant improvements to the power and load response, another step forward to provide clean, efficient, and affordable energy solutions.
2018 - Efficiency Award
Awarded the “Most Efficient System” out of 200 other systems, by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
2019 - Design Evolves
Prototype TCC-4 – Targeted four key areas for technological innovation.
2021 - Company Growth
ThermoLift outgrows existing facility, and moves to a larger office and test lab in Novi, Michigan.
2022 - Testing and Enhancements
Installed 10 units in residential and commercial applications to demonstrate efficiency and performance.
2024 - Market Launch
Planned manufacturing start.
Press Releases


ThermoLift & FortisBC Pilot First Residential Natural Gas Heat Pumps in North America

ThermoLift & FortisBC set to launch real-world field tests of residential fuel-flexible heat pumps for single family homes.


ThermoLift Gains National Gas Innovation Fund Support, Again

The NGIF announces an investment to support the demonstration of natural gas heat pumps in the Canadian Market.


Top Canadian Utility Taps ThermoLift for Critical Pilot

A subsidiary of Canada’s largest private utility is putting the TC3 to the test in residential and commercial
Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Financing for ThermoLift products will be available through your local Authorized ThermoLift dealer.  Additional details coming soon.

ThermoLift products may be purchased from Authorized ThermoLift dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Visit our Find a Dealer section for local dealers.

Find a Dealer

Each home and installation is different so prices vary based on your individual needs. Your local ThermoLift dealer can provide you with a quote based on your situation.

ThermoLift may, from time-to-time, offer product rebates.
ThermoLift products are often eligible for Federal Tax Credits and Local Utility Rebates.

See product specifications or product brochure for sound ratings.

You will need to contact a local .
If you have additional questions or product concerns, you can contact
Customer service at 616-841-LIFT

ThermoLift products are designed, engineered, and assembled by ThermoLift, Inc. at our facility in Novi, MI.

At this time, the ThermoLift system operates as a Natural Gas Heat Pump so you will need to have natural gas service at your home.
If you have propane instead of natural gas, a propane adaptor kit can be installed by your ThermoLift dealer to accomodate propane use.  As part of our continuous product development plan, we are currently working on an all-electric product offering.

Most HVAC systems on the market today contain HFCs or CFCs which are toxic to the environment and have Global Warming and Ozone Depletion potential. Some of these refrigerants are R410A, R454 and R32. The ThermoLift system uses Helium as our “working fluid” in place of refrigerant. Helium is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic to the environment.

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