Residential ThermoLift

At ThermoLift, we do things differently.  Very differently.

Our unique patented technology works like no other heating, cooling or hot water system on the market today so we can deliver ultra-high efficiency without the environmental impact of other heating and cooling products.

Why Thermolift

Heating & Cooling

ThermoLift Hero™ products are designed to integrate into your existing heating and cooling system as a replacement for your heat pump, furnace, boiler, or water heater.  Our products deliver: 

  • True cold weather heating
  • Same comfort as traditional gas furnaces
  • Simultaneous heating, hot water, and cooling
  • Rated to operate down to -40⁰F
  • Deliver up to 120% AFUE
  • Variable operation is suitable to variations in heating and cooling demand
  • The only non-toxic heating and cooling solution

Hot Water

ThermoLift all-in-one Hero units, not only provide heating and cooling for your home, they can also provide hot water and replace your existing hot water heater.

When installed as part our your home’s heating, cooling and hot water system, heat from the ThermoLift system simultaneously feeds the hot water tank insuring that your home has a ready supply of hot water for any need at any time. 

Ways To Save

Local utility rebates and federal tax credits may be available for certain products and combined with low monthly payments they can help support your investment in a ThermoLift heating, cooling and hot water system.  So, you can save money and the planet.