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Indoor Unit

Product overview

ThermoLift’s TC3 is an innovative system for space heating and hot water.  The TC3 was built to deliver consistent performance while delivering energy savings of up to 30-50% while delivering a 30-50% reduction in carbon emissions.

The TC3 indoor unit is a thermal compression driven system located inside a business and is part of the heating and domestic hot water system.  The TC3 can be an excellent addition to business’s hot water system by supplementing large boiler systems.

Product overview
A high-efficiency, non-toxic refrigerant HVAC, hot-water and refrigeration system, all in one device: ThermoLift’s patented Thermal Compression Climate Control (TC3) helps end users become frontline leaders in carbon reduction, cutting carbon dioxide emissions—and energy costs—by as much as half across residential and commercial applications.*

Outdoor Unit

Product overview

ThermoLift’s TNQ outdoor unit is an innovative system for space heating and hot water. The TNQ is installed outside a business as part of a heating and hot water solution.  The TNQ provides more consistent and warmer heat than an electric heat pump, particularly in below-freezing temperatures. The TNQ is typically paired with an indoor air handling unit and a hot water holding tank. 

All ThermoLift brand products are proudly designed, engineered and assembled in our U.S. based facility in Novi, Michigan.
All ThermoLift brand residential products are covered by a 10 year parts limited warranty.*

* See warranty certificate for complete details.

Product overview
Founded in 2012, ThermoLift has invested millions in private and public capital—including research grants from the U.S. Department of Energy and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority—developing the TC3, which utilizes a unique thermodynamic cycle to achieve efficiencies unmatched in the HVAC space.
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